Dark circles under eyes causes

3 Main causes for dark circles under our eyes

Yes, dark circles under our eyes are annoying. They make us look tired and unwell. They are also very difficult to get rid of. 

We can hide them by applying concealer, but there are days when we want to go makeup free and still have a glowing look. 

So, what causes dark circles under our eyes? 

We all know that lack of sleep is one of the main causes for dark circles. Lack of sleep disturbs the normal functioning of our internal organs and creates imbalance in our bodily functions. However, from a traditional Chinese medicine perspective, there are other factors that can cause dark circles under our eyes: 

1. Deficiency of spleen 

When our spleen is deficient, we usually have eye bags or puffy eyes as well as dark circles. Spleen is the organ which moves the body fluid around our body. If it is under performing, the body fluid gets stuck in our body and creates puffiness.

2. Deficiency of liver / kidney

In TCM theories, black is the colour which represents the kidney. Hence, dark and black circles are the manifestation of kidney issues. Our eyes reflect the condition of the liver. If our eyes look tired and dry, it means our liver might be imbalanced too. 

3. Stagnation of blood 

When blood is not moving, it accumulates and results in dark spots. That’s why in TCM we stimulate acupoints to encourage movement of blood and energy. Dark circles might appear when we are about to have our period as well. If one often has cramps or discomfort during menstruation, it is likely due to stagnation of blood. 

Acupuncture and herbal medicine can improve the under-eye dark circles by rebalancing our organs and body. Cosmetic facial acupuncture focuses on specific areas of our face as well as harmonising the body. Before all these, we first need to find out what was the real cause with a full diagnosis by a qualified TCM practitioner. 

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