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Skin issue in TCM: Eczema

You might not believe it, but Eczema is good! 

Let’s look at it this way, eczema is actually a sign from your body telling you that it is out of balance. It might be due to your lifestyle, or your body is being affected by climatic change. 

In Chinese medicine point of view, our skin is a reflection of our lung health. When our lung health loses its balance and is affected by other external or internal conditions (or ‘pathogen’ as TCM practitioners call it), that’s when we get skin issues.

Previously I have introduced the concept of heat as a pathogen. This time I’d like to introduce the concept of wind. In TCM theories, wind brings changes, movement, and itchiness. So if you have a skin condition that is itchy and flares up at different places of your body, it’s very likely to be wind symptoms. Doesn’t it sound exactly like eczema? 

Now if you do suffer from Eczema, the most straight forward way is to visit a Chinese medicine practitioner for herbal medicine or acupuncture treatment. The main treatment direction would be to clear the heat/damp/wind pathogen and restore balance for your body. If you really don’t have access to Chinese medicine. You can gua sha the back of your neck and shoulders, as well as your upper back. Gua sha helps bring the internal heat up to the surface, and disperse it via our skin.

Remember don’t perform gua sha if you have eczema or open wounds on those areas. Also, make sure you have a balanced diet, enough exercise and rest so that you have the nourishment and blood to expel the wind pathogen from your body.

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