Rosacea in TCM

Skin issue in TCM: Rosacea

I often get questions about skin redness and Rosacea and what can be done about it from a TCM perspective. 

There are different causes for skin redness such as allergies, rosacea, eczema, rashes etc. Chinese medicine practitioners can determine the cause of the problem based on the type of redness and other symptoms, then treat it with both acupuncture and herbal medicine.

In general, redness indicates that there is toxic heat in the body. ‘Heat’ doesn’t necessarily mean one feels hot in temperature. It is an indication that the yin and yang in one’s body is out of balance, and as we would have imagined with the term, ‘heat’ manifests as dryness and redness in our body.

In TCM theories, toxic heat can be found inside our organs or in our blood. For example, if one has toxic heat in the large intestine, one might suffer from hard stool (dryness) or even constipation. 

Chinese medicine can treat this condition with acupuncture points and heat clearing herbal formulas.   

What can we do to avoid skin redness? 

Our body works as a whole, in order for it to remain in balance, we need to approach lifestyle as a whole, from what we eat, how we rest to managing our stress level.  Below are a few examples:

Stop smoking

Smoking would create toxic heat in our lungs. While lungs are the organ that controls our skin and hair, toxic heat in lungs can easily manifest as redness on our skin and dry hair.

Keep a calm mind

You might learn that many skin issues are caused by stress. In TCM theories, sadness creates burdens for our lungs and anger/frustrations damage our liver. Lungs, as I have mentioned above, control our skin, and the liver controls the moving of our Qi in general. When our Qi (energy) cannot circulate, it might result in heat accumulation in our body. 

Watch what you eat

Spicy food, deep fried food and processed food create toxic heat in our stomach. The stomach channel goes past our abdomen, legs and our face, which means the toxic heat can travel along the channel and manifest on our cheeks. Make sure you eat enough fresh food and drink enough liquid to nourish our stomach and skin!

If you are having undesirable redness on your skin, book in a consultation for herbal prescription or acupuncture today.