waking up at 3am

This might be why you have poor sleep quality

You wake up in the middle of the night and find it hard to fall back asleep. You wake up in the morning still feeling tired. These are signs that your sleep quality is poor. 

If you notice that your keep waking up at about 2-3am, this is a message which your body is sending you – your liver is overworked. 

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, our Qi (energy) runs through our organs (臟腑) at different hours. From 1am – 3am our Qi runs through our liver channel. When the energy movement is blocked, our sleep is interrupted and we keep waking up at about 3am. 

Our liver is the organ that manages our stress or frustrations. Be it an argument with our partner, a tight deadline we need to meet, or concerns about our finances (inflation!), all these emotions are putting pressure on our liver. This creates blockage for our energy flow.  

It’s difficult not to have stress in the world we live in, but try keeping a calm mind helps keeping our body in balance. We can achieve that by meditating regularly. Another way to sooth our liver, is by massaging acupoints on our liver channel. Tai Chong (太沖穴) is a good and effective point to comfort our liver. 

Before you sleep tonight, light your favourite candle, put some relaxing music on and give Tai Chong a gentle massage. 

How to find Tai Chong: 

image from tcmworld.org

Follow the space between your big toe and second toe, feel along until you find an indentation, just before the metatarsal bones. If it feels full and a bit sore when you massage it,  that’s the right spot.